Week 2

Day 1: John 1:19-28

Lord God Almighty, how great is Your Name and how worthy You are to be praised! Thank You for John’s courageous example of “making straight” the way of the Lord. In our modern-day wilderness, please help me to be brave and bold, mirroring his humble example. Please use me as Your humble vessel to draw these many dear ones, list names, to Yourself.

Day 2: John 1:29-34

I praise You, Jesus, for being the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world! I praise You for being the Lamb who takes away my own sin. Lord, here’s my (name sin). I yield to You… the One who sacrificed it all. As I study Your Word, help me to behold You- to simply gaze upon You in worship. May I know and love You with all of my heart bearing witness to all that You show me.

Day 3: John 1:35-42

Lord God, as I prayed yesterday, may I ever gaze in wonder at You, beholding and praising the Lamb of God. Lord, may this be true of _____, too. Please turn and see (her/ him.) You know what (she/he) is seeking. Help (her/ him) to also follow after You. Together may we ever seek to follow You and abide with You. Oh Lord, thank You for being our constant and welcoming companion.

Day 4: John 1:43-51

Lord, as Nathanael cries out, “You are the Son of God! You are the King of Israel!” So do I! I love how You saw and knew Nathanael and surprised Him so! You were more than he imagined. Thank You for Your Word. You reveal and assure me that You see and know me. You know my loved ones. Surprise ____ similarly. You and Your ways are beyond all that we could ever imagine.

Day 5: Review

Lord God, as I review this chapter, I can’t help but praise and thank You! You are the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. You know all things, including what it is we seek. Where ever we are, Lord, You find us. Thank You for Your gracious invite to follow and abide with You. Lead us onward…

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