Week 3

Day 1: John 2: 1-11

Lord God Almighty, I praise Your Great Name!  You are the God of signs and wonders!  You are mighty to save and the ultimate provider!  See how graciously You provide.  The supply of wine ran short.  Yet You fill the jars to the brim with the best quality.

Lord God, how often I rely on my own power and run in short supply… both in quantity and quality.  I invite You to reign over every aspect of my life and the lives of these dear ones, _____.  May we seek You first trusting in Your perfect provision.

Please fill us up.  May we draw from You and take Your Living Water that others will know You.  Love you, Lord.

Day 2: John 2:12-17

Lord God, You are zealous for all the right and noble reasons.  Unfortunately, I confess that I am often zealous for things that matter very little with Your house, such as _____.  Please show me how to apply this account of the temple cleansing to my own life.  Whatever needs cleaned out and whipped into shape, have Your way with me.  Have all of me.  Oh Lord, I offer my body as a living sacrifice, may it be holy and pleasing to You.

Day 3: John 2:18-22

Lord God, thank You for Your Word, for Your Holy Scriptures that seamlessly fit together. Your disciples could read, know and believe.  Even today, we still can read, know and believe.

Yes, Lord!  May ____ read, know and believe in Your promises.  May he/ she hunger and thirst to know You more.

Day 4: John 2:23-25

Lord God, You are faithful and true.  I fear that I am not.  For am I any different than those You did not entrust Yourself?  Do I also look to You in selfish ways, for signs and wonders that meet my own needs?  Lord, search me and know me.  See if there is any wicked way in me.  Cleanse me and renew me into one in whom You can entrust.  Lead me in Your way everlasting. 

Day 5: Review

Lord God, as I review Your Word for this week, I praise You for being the God of signs and wonders.

I praise Your ability to know our hearts and our every thought.

I praise You for Your good and abundant provision.  You are gracious indeed!

I praise You that You care about the significant and insignificant details of our lives, such as wine at weddings.  Lord, You care!

I praise You for being the Word made flesh.

I praise You for Your boldness and courage to take on this fleshly temple in order to die and be raised again that I might live. What love is this!

As Isaiah 56:7 says, “For my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples,” may this earthly temple of mine be a house of praise and adoration to You, my God who reigns over life and is victorious over death.

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