Week 4

Day 1: John 3: 1-8

Lord Jesus, thank You for being the Light and the Life of men.  Thank You for the marvelous wander of new birth and for the gift of Your Spirit.  May I ever recognize my own insufficiency remembering that it is Your righteousness alone that is my one defense.  Yes, Lord, may I ever be yielded to Your Spirit.

Lord God, I pray for [ name ].  Please allow for her/him to be born again.  By the power of Your Holy Spirit, please replace her/his heart of stone with Your heart of flesh.

Day 2: John 3:9-15

Lord God Almighty, I want to gaze upon You and snuggle in close.  You and You alone save.  Yet, I sense my own striving to be and to do good.

Lord, You were lifted up that we might believe and enjoy eternal life with You.  Truly, truly, it is only though Your work on the cross that I can share in Your goodness.  So Lord, I come to rest in the safety of Your presence.  I am safe in Your arms.  Thank You, Lord Jesus.

Day 3: John 3:16-21

Oh Lord God, what love is this!  To give Your Only Son?  I cannot comprehend You.  Your ways are far too marvelous.

Lord God, may I ever be grateful.

May each of these dear ones, _____, believe and do what is true and right.  May we live in Your True and Glorious Light.

Day 4: John 3:22-36

Oh Gentle, Humble Savior from Above, may You increase.  And may I ever decrease.  May Your joy be complete!  Grant Your Life and Light in order that we will live to love You more.

Rejoice!  I will say it again, rejoice!

Day 5: Review

I praise Your Father’s love.  I gaze upon the Son’s sacrifice.  I marvel at the Spirit’s work of new birth.

Lord, You are the Giver of Life.  And You are the True Light.  Please shine Your Light into every crevice of this heart that all would be brought to submission to You.  Together may our joy be complete.

I love You, Lord.

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