Week 5

Day 1: John 4: 1-15

Father God Almighty, I praise You for Your Sovereignty.  I love the way you orchestrate divine encounters.  Please help me to trust that you will meet each of these dear ones, ­­­­____­­­­____, right where they are.  You know their needs.  May they long to receive Your Living Water.

Day 2: John 4:16-30

Dear Jesus, You’ve made the way so simple!  You’ve paved the way to worship You in Spirit and in Truth.  Whatever mountain, whatever side of the sea, I am ever at home with You.  Safe. Secure.

Thank You for the privilege of being Your daughter.  May I ever worship You with all my heart, soul, mind and strength.

Day 3: John 4: 31-45

Lord Jesus, despite physical thirst and weariness from the journey, You were ever on a mission.  You saw the woman’s need.  You initiated.  And You gave her Living Water.  I admire You.

Lord, open my eyes to see people as You see them.  I want to be more like You… seeing beyond myself to the needs of others. Like You and like the Samaritan woman, may I be an eager and proactive vessel for leading others to come see You and drink from Your Living Water.

Day 4: John 4:46-54

Blessed Redeemer, You are the God of Signs and Wonders!  You are powerful and mighty to save and able to heal from afar.

Lord, I come to You on behalf of _____.  Please heal.  You know just what is needed to bring new life.

Day 5: Review

Lord God, I praise You for You are Spirit and Truth.  You are the Living Water, a well that never runs dry.  Lord, You see, You know and You love.  Help us to believe, receive and trust in You.

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