Week 10

Day 1: John 9:1-7

Lord, I adore You!  I love this very personal account of a blind man coming face to face with You, the Light of the World. Lord, spiritually, would You please anoint ____’s eyes from hopeless darkness to glorious light.

Day 2: John 9:8-17

Dear Jesus, you heal the blind, the invalid, the sinner, the broken hearted and you set the captives free.  Your restoration and healing is so complete that we are unrecognizable as our former selves.  Thank you.  Thank you for the hope.  Thank you for not leaving us in the dark.

Day 3: John 9:18-34

Dear Lord, I pray for my church, _____.  May we be examples of your grace.  Rather than judge, may we celebrate when the blind receive sight and the lost our found!  May our hearts resonate with your heart.  May we be bold and courageous to proclaim Who You Are in truth and grace.

Day 4: John 9:35-41

Lord, to know you and to see you face-to-face!  That is our hope!

Thank You for sight.  Please grant sight to ______.   May he/she also know You as Lord.

Day 5: Review

Dear Jesus, I praise You for being the Light of the World!  Shine, Jesus, shine!

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