Week 12

Day 1: John 11:1-16

Lord God, Your ways are ever higher than my ways. You see and know the whole picture. Help me to trust in You and Your perfect timing, especially for ______.

Day 2: John 11:17-27

Lord Jesus, thank You for the reminder that You are the Consolation of the World. You comfort and grant hope. Lord, please console _____. Grant her/ him Your comfort, hope and peace that surpasses all understanding.

Day 3: John 11:18-44

Father God Almighty, none is greater! You and you alone save and rescue, even raising us from death! Oh Lord, I am Lazarus. And spiritually, You have brought me to life. Lord, thank You for unbinding me, for setting me free. Help me in temptation to go away from sin and to walk in Your Light.

Day 4: John 11:45-57

Jesus, thank You for Your good works. Without You, without Your work, I’d be dead and dead in hope. Many have come to You and believed. Please help ____ to do likewise.

Day 5: Review

Lord Jesus, I praise You for being the Resurrection and the Life. You reign. Please reign over my heart and the hearts of _______.

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