Week 14

Day 1: John 13:1-20

Lord Jesus, such a humble King. You came not to be served, but to serve. Oh Lord, what love is this! Help me, help _____, to love and to serve as You have loved us.

Day 2: John 13:21-30

Lord Jesus, Your example of loving till the end is unfathomable. How did You love him who betrays You? Lord, You know ____. I need Your help. Please help me to love and extend grace to him/ her.

Day 3: John 13:31-35

Father God Almighty, what great love is Yours! Lord, may ____ and I be one with You and Your heart that we might be one in love with one another. Lord, we need You. Every hour we need You.

Day 4: John 13:36-38

Jesus, You are brave and courageous, strong and mighty. Help me to follow You without flinching or failing. Help ____ to trust You and obey.

Day 5: Review

Lord Jesus, I praise You for being the Best Teacher Ever. Lord, You have modeled perfect love. You lived it out in perfect humility as well. Lord, search me and know me. Please see if there be any ounce of pride. Show me that I might live and love more like You.

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