Week 15

Day 1: John 14:1-7

Lord Jesus, I praise You for being the Way and the Truth and the Life. Thank You for showing us the Father. Help ___ to believe in You and to not be troubled.

Day 2: John 14:8-14

Lord Jesus, You say, “Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do.” Lord, may my heart resonate with Your heart that my prayer would be Your prayer.

Day 3: John 14:14-24

Father God Almighty, thank You for the gift of Your Holy Spirit! Thank You for making Your home with me. I am humbled and grateful. May I love as You love…

Day 4: John 14:25-31

Jesus, thank You for not leaving us as orphans. You’ve given us the gift of Your Spirit to teach and help me to remember You. Yet, Lord, I confess that I do become afraid. You already know that. Lord, I seek Your peace. Help me to give You this fear: _____.

Day 5: Review

Lord Jesus, I praise You for Your gift of peace. You see and know these dear sheep in my little flock, _____. Please grant Your eternal peace. Help him/her to surrender her heart and know the depths of Your love, peace and joy.

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