Week 17

Day 1: John 16:1-11

Lord God, thank You for always having our best interest in mind. Your way, Your help and Your timing are ever perfect. Thank You for Your grace that convicts, reminds us of Your righteousness and has conquered and condemned the ruler of this world. All You ask is that we abide. We can rest in You. What a gift! Thank You, Jesus.

Day 2: John 16:12-15

Lord God, I praise You for being our Ever Present Help. You do not leave us alone, but give us Your Spirit of Truth to lead, guide, counsel and comfort. Thank You. Lord, may these dear ones, _____, and I remain in You.

Day 3: John 16:16-24

Lord, thank You for hope. Thank You for today’s reminder that sorrows are quite temporary. Jesus, in a little while, I will see You. In the meantime, help me live to bring You glory.

Day 4: John 16:25-33

Jesus, I praise You for being the Overcomer! You give peace. Oh Lord, You see and You know that _____ is in the midst of difficult trouble. Please grant ____ peace, strength, and courage with eyes fixed on You, the One Who Has Overcome.

Day 5: Review

Lord Jesus, thank You that we have hope for the day and bright hope for the future. In You we can take heart! Help me, help ____, to abide in You and enjoy Your peace and joy that surpasses all understanding.

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