Week 18

Day 1: John 17:1-5

Lord God Almighty, I praise You, the only true God! Thank You for the gift of Your Son Whom You sent, Jesus Christ, that we might know You and enjoy eternal life with You. Lord, may ____ know and believe.

Day 2: John 17:6-12

Jesus, thank You for becoming the Word Made Flesh and manifesting the Name of God. In You is life and that Life is the Light of Men. Lord, please keep and guard these dear ones: _____.

Day 3: John 17:13-19

Lord, thank You for Your Word that is truth. May _____ hunger and thirst for Your Word and be sanctified by Your truth.

Day 4: John 17: 20-26

Oh Righteous Father, unify our hearts with Yours and may we live to bring You glory.

Day 5: Review

Jesus, I praise You for Your perfectly united heart with the Father. Lord, help us, _____, to follow after You living in unity and love. Thank You for desiring that we be with You in glory. Until then, may we live to bring You glory, praise and joy.

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