Galatians – Meet Paul

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DAY 1 – Acts 7:54- 8:3

Lord, May the eyes of _____’s heart be opened to behold the Son of Man, Jesus.  May ____ be filled with Your Holy Spirit.

DAY 2 – Acts 8: 1-9

Lord God, Like Paul, I confess that I have not always headed in Your direction and have been zealous for things that are not your way for me.  Search me and know me, Lord, and lead me in Your way everlasting. (Psalm 139:23)

DAY 3 – Acts 9:10-19

Lord God, like Ananias, when you call may ____  be brave, trust You and obey.

DAY 4 – Acts 9:19-31

God, as soon as Paul believed, he turned around and began to proclaim You.  Lord, in the midst of persecution, make _____ and I brave, to not simply acclaim You, but also to proclaim You.  Pour out Your blessing. (Psalm 89:15)

DAY 5 – Review

Lord, You are the God of miracles.  You transformed Paul from persecutor of the church to missionary.  Lord, I trust You to transform these dear ones in my life_________.

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